What is a callus and how is it caused? 

A callus is thickened, hard skin that typically develops due to friction points or pressure. Callused skin can become discolored, cracked and even peel or flake.  Being on your feet for long periods of time, certain footwear, athletic activity, foot/gait abnormalities, and going barefoot are all potential causes.

Are calluses bad or dangerous?

In most cases calluses are unattractive and painless. However if you are experiencing pain, swelling, or tenderness around a callus you should consult your doctor.  If you are diabetic you should also talk with your doctor at the first sign of changes to your skin.  Untreated calluses, whether or you are diabetic or not, can turn into foot ulcers or infections.

How do I use my Footsie Soft?

Gently rub your Footsie Soft over the callused or dry areas of your feet using light pressure. You will see ultrafine layers of skin fall away through the net as you buff the target area. If the net becomes clogged, a gentle tap will clear it.

Should I soak my feet or prepare them before using Footsie Soft?

The beauty of Footsie Soft is that there absolutely NO advance preparation required before use. It is to be used on dry feet only.  For optimal effect, we recommend using Footsie Soft before bathing or applying lotions or creams.

How frequently should I use Footsie Soft?

You can use Footsie Soft as often as you like until the hardened, dry skin is gone and your feet feel soft. In fact, many users will find that after just one use they are virtually callus free!  However the duration and frequency of use will depend on how thick your calluses are.  Do not use Footsie Soft on broken/irritated skin, open sores, or infected areas of your feet and discontinue use immediately if you feel pain or your skin becomes reddened or sore.

How do I clean my Footsie Soft?

Your Footsie Soft tool can be cleaned with a damp cloth.  The buffing net does not require cleaning and should not get wet.

How do I know when it’s time to replace the buffing net?

The buffing net will need to be replaced periodically because the embedded oxide crystals will wear down over time.  The frequency of replacement will depend on the user's intensity and duration of use.  Once your net becomes less effective at removing the hardened skin, it is time to replace it.