About Me

Hello!  I'm Andrea, inventor of Footsie Soft.  I had a little idea that is turning into something BIG!

For years I struggled to find a safe, effective way to get rid of the rough, unattractive calluses on my feet.  The kind that crack, peel, and drag on the covers when I'd slide into bed. Yuck.  

I spent hundreds of dollars on pedicures, bought every gadget and tool on the market, slathered on thick creams and wore socks to bed. I even tried some of those unusual home remedies I found on Pinterest...but I STILL had calluses. Finally, after a lot of trial of error, I came up with my own solution and Footsie Soft was born!

I've invested everything to make Footsie Soft a reality and am very excited to bring it to you.  It's a fantastic product, but in order for it to be a success LOTS of people need to know about it!

If you try Footsie Soft and LOVE it (like I know you will) a quick review on our Footsie Soft Facebook page or even a shout out on your own FB page will be a big help to spread the word.  Thank you for trying my product!